Confused? Miss K is here to clear any and all doubts you may have regarding securing the right fit from your bra abd panty. White to us if we haven't answered your question below.

How to measure the right bust Size?

Our Size calculator can help you find the right size. What you need: Tape measure Well-fitted bra Math.


What To do:

1.   Wear a bra that fits you well.
2.   Bend over and back up again to abjust for best fitting.
3.   Wrap the taps measure around the base of the your bra.it should be snug. Make sure the tape is flat against your skin. Note the reading the front. This is valu1 A.
4.   Move the tape higher so it rests against your nipples. Ensure the tape is straight around your back. Note the reading this is value B.
5.   value A minus B = C i.e cup size.
6.   Value A is your band size, value C is your Cup size Congrants! You now know your bra size.


Why It is important to choose the correct bra size?

Wearnin the wrong size bra isn't simply about aesthetics. Sure, clothes don't Fit right over an ill-fitted bra. They may look frumpy or awkward. But it can be dangerous for your health as well. A bra that is too loose or to tight can be couse skin ailments tense muscle and problems with posture.


How do you know that a bra size is too big for you?

If you choose a cup size or a band size that is too large for your body. There will be tell-tale sings. Look for straps falling off, empty space in the cups or the back strap riding up. TO know the right size for you. tale the help of our size calculator.


How do you know that a bra size is too small for you?

If you buy a bra that fits best on the tightest hook. then you are buying a bra size too small. When a bra ages, the elastic stretches. This is when you should be moving to a tighter clasp.

Look for Tell-tale sings that you are wearing a bra size too small. If you find that your breasts are spilling out of the cups, if the underwire is cuttting into your flesh or the straps are cutting into your shoulders. you need to re-evaluate your size. To know the right size for you, take help of our size calculator.

Which bra style should you choose, if you are plus size?

There are plenty of stylish optons to choose from without compromissing on fit. Choose a style that complements your personality. But you need to keep a few things in mind so that you need.

Which bra is more suitable for you, if you are skinny?

They are fewer ways for you go wrong when you are on the petite side. Chose any bra; just make sure it is the right size. You can opt for wirefree bras if your cup size is less than a C.

Should you wear bra all the time?

They have been many debates about the to-do and not-to-do warnings when it comes to bras worn at night while sleeping. They are all mostly inconclusive. A thumb rule to follow is to ask yourself, do you feel that you need to extra support at night?

Get Ready

Measure Band Size

Measure Cup Size

Calculate Size

Step 1 - Get ready

Wear a non-padded non-wired bra.

Stand in front of a mirror.

Get a measuring tape.