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Kalyani innerwear is a trusted brand for online shopping of women’s lingerie in India. You can find a variety of designs, colors and sizes at Kalyani. We offer you a bra size calculator to ensure you will get the correct size and cup fitting for your lingerie. Whether it's lingerie for your daily use or a special occasion, Kalyani has something for every situation. Our website is constantly being updated with the latest bra and panty collection, so you’re certain to find something innovative and exciting on every visit.

Lingerie Collection

Bras - Bra is an essential for every woman to support her breasts. Bras are intended for a variety of purposes including general breasts support, enhancing or diminishing the appearance of breasts shape and sizes. Kalyani Innerwear has an extensive range of bras for you to choose from different styles and designs.

By Style:

T-Shirt Bra - A contoured style bra that fits the breasts smoothly under tight fitting t-shirts or clingy tops with minimum visibility. In T-Shirt bra cups may be lined with foam or light pad.

Multiway Bra - As the name suggests, multiway bras are kind of bras having detachable straps that can be rearranged in different ways depending on the ensemble.

Low Back Bra - Low back bras are the bras that are designed for the backless and low-back outfits. Low back or backless bras make you feel confident & comfortable in back deep neck dresses.

Minimizer Bra - Minimizer bra is used to reduce the appearance of larger breasts. It just affects the appearance of the bust , not the actual shape or size of the bust.

Plus Size Bra - Plus size bras or big bras are for the women who have bigger bust. These bras are designed with larger bands and cup sizes to fit a more curvaceous body type.

Everyday Bra - Everyday bra is designed from soft cotton fabric suitable for daily uses. Kalyani offers you an extensive collection of everyday or basic bras with multiple styles like t-shirt bra, padded bra, non padded bra and more. Everyday bra is designed with the purpose of your all day comfort.

Beginners Bra - Beginners bras or teenager bras are specially designed for girls who start to wear a bra for the first time. Kalyani’s beginners bra also known as a training bra offers you full comfort and support during your growing age.

Bridal Bra - As the name suggests, a bridal bra is typically worn under a wedding attire. There are many styles and designs available at Kalyani to choose from. You can go for a padded one to enhance your bust size and for a sexy & glamorous look.

By Preference:

Padded Bra - In padded bras inside cups are padded to make your bust appearance bigger. Padded bras are the most suited to provide shape to your breasts and ample amount of coverage.

Non Padded Bra - By following the actual shape of your bust, unpadded or non padded bras are suitable for all breasts shapes and sizes. These bras are designed from rich fabric only to make you feel secure and comfortable.

Wirefree Bra - As the name states, the entire parts of wirefree or soft cup bras are made from rich fabric only. Wireless bra is skin friendly and enhances the natural shape of your breasts because it doesn’t contain any hard piece of material.

Seamless Bra - The seamless bra is the most essential bra type having versatile features. Wearing a seamless bra is a good option if you want to hide your bra underneath your t-shirts, thinner or fitted top. For a smooth finish under a tight tee, you can go for Kalyani’s Seamless Bra.

Seamed Bra - Bra with seams has many advantages for the women who have bigger busts because these bras are designed with deeper cup sizes and shapes. Also seamed bras have the material that has more strength so it doesn’t get stretched as quickly.

Lace Bra - Lace Bras that not only fit better but also skin friendly are created by using lace fabric. One of the most common among lace bras are the bras with lace on the cup. With a great fit, you will also feel more comfortable in a lace bra.

By Coverage:

Full Coverage Bra - Full Coverage Bras’ cups cover the whole breast tissue. These bras are designed with a high neckline to cover the entire bust and to prevent breast spillage. Full Coverage or High Coverage Bra provides you full support and it's most suited for bigger cup sizes breasts.

Medium Coverage Bra - These bras cover the breast tissue about 1.5 to 2 inches above the nipple. Medium coverage bras are the most common ones, suited for all breast sizes.

Low Coverage Bra - Low coverage bras are best suited for deep neckline outfits. Low Coverage bras are also known as plunge bras or demi coverage bras provide a coverage of about 1 inch between breast tissue and the nipple.

Panties - Panty is an essential for a woman to cover the lower trunk. We’ve a variety of panties like hipster, brief, period, thong, & bikini for your comfort to choose from.

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