5 lingerie Myths which you need to Dump Right Now!

Lingerie is the most important garment for every women who keeps it closest to her, quite literally. This heightened importance comes with its own lot of confusions and doubts resulting in certain misconceptions. 


But the new age women is aware and dumps away the old wives’ tales with clear cut facts and well, Kudos to that! While there is a fair share of myths about lingeries circulating on the internet, we’ll do our part to bust a few by serving valid facts and clear all obscurity that serves no purpose in your lingerie habits. 

MYTH: Bralettes do not support the breast.

FACT: Bralettes do fashion and function both. They offer a high aesthetic appeal without compromising on their primary function of supporting the breasts. They score high on sensuality while they promise to keep your bosoms well-supported and in shape. Bralettes are generally structured to offer lighter support to keep the breasts in their natural shape and do not additionally lift or push them up.



MYTH: Only white bra under a white shirt.

FACT: This is the most common fashion fiasco related to lingeries. No, a white bra should not be worn under a white shirt because the silhouette of the bra is visibly highlighted under a white shirt. Instead a nude bra should be worn for a seamless finish to your white shirt. Now, No more white bra under white shirt bloopers please!


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MYTH: Lingerie has to be expensive.

FACT: No way! Lingerie is a basic need for every women and it got to be affordable. A good quality lingerie does not have to burn a hole in your pocket. We have our proof to back this up. Scroll through our website and you’ll get premium quality lingeries suiting all your needs at reasonable prices plus great discounts. Check it out for yourself.

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MYTH: One bra is enough for all purposes.

FACT: No. It is highly unreasonable to expect one bra to check all boxes of your requirements. Our bra requirements vary with different clothing and body needs, for example, sports bra is a must while working out. Same is the case for different outfits. Every women must have a padded bra, a strapless bra , a sports bra and a push up bra to cover almost all outfits.

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MYTH: You must have the perfect body to wear Fancy lingerie

FACT: Ok! You gotta be kidding now. We’ll correct this statement – You must have a body to wear fancy lingerie. All you need is a body to wear the lingerie you want. C’mon, there is no perfect body for what you want to wear. Go get what you want and pull it off with your confidence, because that’ll all you need to pull down that body-shamer who tries to tell you what to wear and what not.

Lingerie is one the basic needs of a woman and its requirements must be met rationally. While a lot of misinformation surfaces the internet, you must do your research before you believe them. We busted some myths that we felt were stupid and absurd. Let us know if there’s another myth that we need to bust.