5 Types of Underwear every woman should have in 2023

Woman, it’s no secret that you love your underwear. In fact, we’re pretty sure that you have a whole drawer dedicated to your underwear collection. And we don’t blame you!

But do you have all the right underwear?

Underwear is one of the wardrobe staples that makes you feel sexy, empowered, and confident all at the same time.

And with all new materials, silhouettes, and styles, there is a type of underwear for each occasion. Now, if you’re looking to nail your everyday look or wear something special for a night out. You need an exclusive collection of different types of underwear in your wardrobe.

But at the same time, all these different styles, materials, and cuts create a lot of confusion. Which makes you feel overwhelmed trying to figure out which ones you need in your life.  And that’s a tough decision to make - we get it!

Now, don't sweat it; we've got you! Let’s break down the 5 types of underwear every woman should have in 2023.

Keep reading to find out what's hot (or not) in underwear this year.

1. Hipster

This women's underwear is called after its fit on the hips -  Hipster. It’s not a tough call, but be the coziest, chicest version of yourself with Hipster Underwear! These types of underwear are designed to hug your torso and pelvis, while the medium coverage keeps you looking and feeling smooth.

Their square cut and extra coverage on the sides enhance your curves. Ultimately though, the snug fit keeps all that pesky sliding up and down at the bay.

 So you can rock all your outfits without any worries!

Outfit Check

You can wear them with your daily wear as well as trousers or low-waisted jeans

hipster underwear

2. Thongs

Want to enlighten the irresistible sexy side of you?

Then thongs are the perfect fit for you. With a delicate lace-up front, narrow sides, and minimal rear coverage, you're guaranteed to ooze sexiness in this style!

 It's a little triangle of fabric connected by one skinny strap over your backside. So you can show off almost as much skin as possible.

 If you want to add a bit of sass to your life, then this type of underwear is a must-have in your lingerie collection.

Outfit Check: 

You can pair this sexy piece of women's underwear with bodycon dresses or pencil skirts.


3. Bikinis 

Love a bit of coverage, but still want to show off your silhouette?

Look no further than Bikini-style underwear! These women’s underwear gives you an awesome middle ground between briefs and thongs.

While looking easy, breezy, and fabulous. These underwear provide moderate to rear coverage for the booty area and feature some high-cut legs. That’s sexy! Isn’t it?

 Now, wait no more, and get yourself a hot bikini this summer.

Outfit Check

You can rock them with jeans, shorts, or a sarong.

Bikini-style underwear

4. Boyshorts 

Ladies, this comfy and cushy style of women’s underwear design was inspired by men’s boxer briefs.

 Trust us, Boyshorts are your new best friends when it comes to underwear. Boyshorts are all about making you feel like you're chilling, lounging around the house, or ready for anything impromptu.

Throw one on and get ready to take on the day! No matter where you're headed or what you're wearing, these underwear provide your booty unbeatable support.

They sit perfectly low on the hips and go all the way down to above your upper thigh, so you know that ain't nothing escaping from those bad boys!

 Plus, they offer superior coverage in both the front and back.That means even better protection against panty lines and general public humiliation!

So if sporty-meets-sexy is more your vibe, you definitely need to stock these.

Outfit Check: 

You can rock them with pretty little skirts as well as short or flared dresses.


5. Classic Briefs

We’ll explain this in brief! Iykyk!

Classic briefs are the type of underwear that every woman has in her wardrobe - because that’s a comfort you can’t miss.

This women's underwear offers sleek, full coverage from the front to the back, and it sits at the right spot above your belly button.

They not only look great and accentuate your waistline, but they also add comfort to your regular day. If you're looking for underwear that won't let you down, go with a classic brief!

Now get yourself a few in neutral colors, and you've got an instant wardrobe upgrade.

Outfit Check:

You can wear them with any piece of clothing, as well as pleated skirts.

Classic briefs

Signing Off for now

See, tbh, every woman should feel as beautiful and as confident as possible. And wearing the right set of lingerie that fits like it was made just for you is one of the best ways to get that feeling.

Being said that, now that you’re a panty pro, revamp your wardrobe with these underwear and enhance your underwear collection in 2023.

Along with being tempted to add new collections to your underwear wardrobe, always listen to the experts. Buy quality underwear brands that never compromise.

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