Common Bra Problems Faced By Every Woman & Their Solutions

Women tend to feel uneasy wearing lingerie most of the time, and there are a variety of possible causes for this. Industry experts are aware of the fact that the majority of women are wearing the incorrect bra. Even yet, odd issues frequently arise, and finding solutions isn't always simple! Kalyani Innerwear, therefore felt it would be beneficial to outline the issues, discuss some of the reasons behind them, and maybe, offer some answers. Here are solutions to all the women's bra-related issues you may be having or have had in the past, ranging from slipping straps to ones that pierce your flesh. To find out what they are, keep reading.

Problem 1: The Straps Frequently Come Off The Shoulder OR Keep Digging


Reason for the problem:- This problem often occurs due to incorrect bra sizing or strap adjustments. If the bra band is too loose, the straps may slip off, while overly tight straps can dig into the shoulders uncomfortably. 


Straps Slipping

  • If it is an older bra, tighten it with the help of the adjustable straps.
  • To ensure the ideal fit for a relatively new piece, tighten them at the beginning of each month.
  •  If all other options are exhausted, you might have narrower shoulders and broader bra straps. Try a different bra style, such as a convertible or full coverage bra, to address this issue.


Straps Digging

  • Ensure the straps are adjusted properly to provide adequate support without digging into your shoulders.
  • Consider women's bras with padded straps to provide extra comfort and reduce pressure on your shoulders.
  • Opt for bras with wide straps or a different strap design, such as a racerback or criss-cross style, to distribute the weight more evenly and reduce digging.

Problem 2: Cups Riding Up - Band Too Loose

Reason for the problem:- This issue typically arises when the bra band is too loose, causing the cups to ride up throughout the day. When the band doesn't provide enough support, the cups can't stay in place, leading to constant readjustment.


1. One important solution to this issue is to wear a larger band size. Slide two fingers under the rear of your band to see if the size is correct. On the loosest hook in the rear, the band should fit snugly without being too tight or too loose.
2. If your band size is too tiny, choose a lower band size, but keep in mind that, according to Kalyani sizing guidelines, you should go one size up in the cup.

Problem 3: There Is A Space Between The Straps And The Cups

Reason for the problem:- This occurs when the bra cups are too small or too big for the bust size or when the straps are adjusted too tightly. The inadequate cup size fails to provide sufficient coverage, creating a gap between the straps and the cups. 


  • Technically referred to as "cup gaping," this issue is prevalent in women with Bell-shaped, East-West, asymmetric, or thin breasts. First, tighten the straps to begin solving this issue.
  • Choose a lower cup size if the issue persists.
  • Despite this, if the issue persists, attempt push-ups or plunge bras, they will provide you with the lift you need to cover the area at the top.

Problem 4. Peek-A-Boo Moments From Sides

Reason for the problem:- This issue commonly arises when the bra band is too loose or when the bra cups are too small. A loose band fails to hold the bra in place, allowing it to shift and reveal side bulges. 


  • Use a larger cup to prevent what's known as side overflow. When it comes to your cup, go one size larger and you'll see the issue go away.
  • Determine whether your straps need to be resized as well, as that may also be the cause of the issue. Therefore, your best option would be to get a size larger in the cup and a size smaller in the band.

Problem 5: When The Centre Gore Isn’t Laying Flat Against Your Chest

Reason for the problem:- When the centre gore doesn't lay flat against your chest, it's often because the bra cups are too small, causing insufficient space to accommodate the breast tissue properly.


  • Make sure you are wearing the appropriate bra size by checking the label. The bridge may not rest flat across your chest if your bra has an excessively tiny cup size or an excessively big band size. 
  • Try a few different bra styles to see which one fits best. The bra style may not be appropriate for your breast shape or chest width if the bridge is not lying flat. 
  • Select bras with closer-spaced cups if your breasts are near the skin. Choose bras with a longer bridge and more room between the cups if you have wide-set breasts.

Bottom Line

Wearing the right bra size and style can make a huge difference in your comfort and confidence. Don't let your bra problems hold you back from feeling your best. Kalyani Innerwear is here to guide you through the solutions to these common bra problems, ensuring you can embrace each day with comfort and ease. Experience the difference with Kalyani Innerwear today!