Things to Keep In Mind Before You Go Bra-Shopping

Bra shopping is a guilty pleasure we all can unapologetically admit to have indulged in often. As intimate as the garment is us, making the right choice of the lingeries comes with its own pressure of buying a piece that checks all boxes of comfort, style and function. While we often go with our gut while shopping, it requires more effort than that as we need to keep few things in mind to make sure you pick the right one for you. Don’t worry. We will play the cupid for you in finding the perfect bra. Read on to know more.


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Know your size:

Before you head to your favourite guilty pleasure, you gotta do some homework and find out your accurate measurements. Use a measuring tape to measure your torso directly under your bust to determine the band size. Next, measure the fullest part of your chest to get the bust size. Lastly, calculate the cup size by calculating the difference between the above measurements and match it with the size chart to get your size. Your must not be too tight or too loose, for it defies the purpose of comfort.

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Know the purpose:

Every bra serves a purpose that is unique to its function. The choice depends the purpose that backs your bra need. If your are a fitness buff and you need a bra for your heavy workout regime, then sports bra is the one for you. If you are style savvy and want fashion and function both, then a lace bralette will do it for you. The crux of it all lies in knowing your needs and hunting a bra that fulfills it for you.

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Know the Type:

This is a follow up to the above prerequisite to finding the right bra. When you know your purpose, your options are narrowed down to a few where you can easily pick your favourite. For example, if you are looking for a sports bra for a high impact activity, you can pick a racer back bra. The perfect bra is a find that fits all your needs with a promise of comfort that stays a constant.

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Know the Quality:

When it comes to your intimate needs, a good quality lingerie is a must-have that must never ignore. Your body deserves support, style and comfort for pushing through hefty days and a supportive bra checks all boxes. Before you buy a bra, check the fabric quality, elasticity of straps, check if it has al the right cuts and good quality cups that hold your breasts with absolute comfort.

Now that you know the prerequisites to buying the right bra, that’s your cue to go find your perfect bra that will have your back, quite literally, through thick and thin. At Kalyani, you get to explore an array of options of all types and colors with quality being the last thing for you to worry about. WE can always vouch for that. We hope you find your perfect bra.