5 Reasons You Should Unhook Your Bra Before You Sleep!
While bras are your breasts’ best friends through the tedious course of the day, we are afraid they are not so good while you are asleep. Breaking down the most asked question about lingeries, Is sleeping with a bra on harmful for you? We will answer this question for once and for all. The answer is YES. It is harmful to sleep with your bra on. Read on to know the reasons behind why you should ditch your bras like you shed off the fatigue of a long day as you hit your bed and get your beauty sleep.

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     1.) Blocks your Blood Circulation. :

If you are wearing an underwired or tight bra to your bed, this one’s important for you to pay special attention to. Sleeping with your bra on can restrict the smooth flow of your blood circulation which can result in muscle craps and dizziness. The obvious logic is your breasts, being a very sensitive area, when held too tightly or pushed inside for the desired shape by an underwired bra limits the required functioning of blood circulation.

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      2.) Can cause Rashes on your skin:

As if wearing a bra all day isn’t enough, taking it to your sleep serves you no good. Your breasts needs support while you are up and about during the day as your body moves, that is where the bra serves its purpose. Keeping your breasts caged in a bra through your sleep gives your skin no time to breath. Depriving your skin of this breather can result in your skin reacting with rashes and irritation. You won’t want your skin to lash out that way.

        3.) The obvious Discomfort of wearing a Bra:

The discomfort of your breasts being stuck in a bra is known to every woman who wears a bra to her sleep. This distress is your body’s response to the unhealthy habit of keeping it confined in a restricting position which is what your bra , with its multiple hooks and straps, does while you doss off to your dreams. That’s your cue to ditch your bras and let your breasts breath through your beauty sleep.

      4.) Can lead to Fungal Infection:

Sleeping with your bra on under hot and humid conditions is a matter of concern since such conditions provide the ideal atmosphere for fungus to breed. The warmth and moisture around the breasts can foster fungal infection. To avoid this, let your breast take a break from the bra.

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      5.) Causes Hyperpigmentation:

If you are not convinced by now, here’s another important reason to consider before you doss off in a bra. Wearing a bra at night can create friction which increases melanin pigment causing discolouration or hyperpigmentation in that area. This causes uneven skin stone at your bosoms in comparison to your rest of the body. Leaveyour breasts free for the night.

We have given you all the good reasons to NOT wear a bra while you are asleep. While nothing supports your breasts like a bra, you need to take it off when lay off the day in in your bed as you don’t need that support now. Your breasts are a sensitive body part and it is necessary to be gentle on them. Put off the bra for the next day while you sleep like a baby.