Unstoppable Kalyani: How We Are Making Strong Place In The Market

Dive into the vibrant world of Kalyani Innerwear, where advertising is more than showcasing products, it's a gateway to challenging norms and sparking social change. Our voyage is not just a journey towards exploration, but forging a path to a more open and inclusive society. Join us as we venture through diverse advertising landscapes, each step is a unique chapter in our relentless pursuit to redefine innerwear fashion and encourage conversations that transcend boundaries and ignite transformation.

From the buzz of the metro stations to the melodies of radio waves, we’re weaving a narrative that speaks to the urban rhythm, resonating with the pulse of city life. Our presence isn't just about visibility. It is an invitation to explore the idea that innerwear is not just an undergarment but a statement of self-assurance and liberation. 

In our latest initiatives for the festive season under #FashionWalaCelebration, we have been on an exciting ride, filled with various achievements and challenges as we explore the changing world of fashion. Our new plans for the festive season show how much we love being creative, trying new things, and putting our customers first. We present the strides taken to pave our way in the present market.

Our Range Of Fresh Initiatives for the Festive Season

Newspaper Ads - Establishing Traditional Roots

In the pursuit of reaching and connecting with diverse audiences during the festive season, Kalyani Innerwear has chosen traditional advertising avenues, marking its presence in esteemed newspapers such as Nav Bharat Times, Dainik Bhaskar, Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran and Delhi Times. These print ads are not just about showcasing products but about becoming a part of households and communities. By leveraging the power of newspapers, Kalyani aims to spread its message, advocating for acceptance and comfort in a relatable and accessible manner.

Metro Ads - Making Strides In Urban Landscapes

For a brand seeking Being everywhere, especially in big cities, is very important. Kalyani Innerwear has extended its reach to the bustling city streets through advertisements in metro stations. These ads act as visual ambassadors, furthering the brand's message and values to urban audiences. By securing a place in these high-traffic zones, Kalyani ensures that its voice resonates in the pulse of city life, reaching a diverse urban audience.

Radio Engagements - Initiating Conversations

Kalyani's journey during the festive season isn't confined to visual mediums alone. The brand recently took part in an enlightening conversation at 91.1 FM, where the team discussed breaking taboos surrounding innerwear. This radio engagement served as an opportunity to educate and empower listeners, challenging conventional societal norms. Through these candid discussions, we aim to change mindsets and foster a culture of comfort and confidence.

TV Advertising - Reaching Homes And Hearts

In our pursuit to reach a wider audience and penetrate into the homes of our diverse customer base, Kalyani Innerwear ventured into television advertising, notably on NDTV. The power of television is unparalleled when it comes to creating an impact and building connections with audiences across the country. Our commercials on NDTV were designed not just to showcase our products but to contribute to a larger conversation, encouraging a more open and confident approach towards innerwear choices.

 Hotstar and YouTube - Embracing Digital Expansion

The digital age has opened a multitude of opportunities, and Kalyani has seized them with strategic video ads on platforms like Hotstar and YouTube. These digital engagements bridge the gap between the virtual and the real world, reaching audiences where they are most active. By engaging with our audience through digital storytelling, Kalyani continues its mission to break taboos and promote a culture of openness and acceptance, especially during the festive season.


During the festive season, Kalyani Innerwear took a strategic approach with their #FashionWalaCelebration. We spread the festive cheer through newspapers, digital platforms, radio, metro stations, and TV to promote a more inclusive society. Each channel serves as a unique portal, amplifying the brand's message and mission, with the ultimate goal of fostering Comfort, Confidence and Carefree! We thrive to bring comfort in the everyday lives of individuals. This strategic approach signifies Kalyani's unwavering commitment to progress and change in the realm of innerwear fashion.